PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Colorado Data Services recommends you blow out your computers (desktops and laptops) once a year. This kind of dust/dirt build up is extremely hard on your computer not to mention a potential fire hazard. If you need assistance with this project, bring your computer on down, and we will blow it out for FREE. CDS located in downtown Historic Canon City at 307 Main Street, Canon City.



Did you realize the owner of Colorado Data Services, Bryan Bassett, has been providing computer and IT services to Fremont County and surrounding communities since 1993? YES!! Since 1993, and CDS is STILL going strong providing affordable computer repair and IT services!! We have an amazing team of local experts for all of your computer and IT needs……at our shop or at your location. In addition, we LOVE supporting and giving back to our community. Stop on by or call and see how we can help you with what we like to say is TECHNOLOGY TEAMWORK!